Weather And Your Roof: What To Watch Out For

Knowing how different weather affects your roof is imperative as it is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home. Understanding these effects and proper roof maintenance can help you save money on larger and more expensive repairs down the road.


An increase in humidity can cause your shingles to crack and bring about severe moisture damage to your roof. The forming of condensation can lead to leaks as well as water damage.


Prolonged strong winds can rip off shingles, loosen tiles, and even affect your gutter system.


Despite roofs being installed to protect a house from rain, it doesn’t mean they are waterproof. Water damage can still occur based on severity.


Hail can be extremely detrimental to your roof. Following a hail storm, you should have your roof inspected for any possible damage as it can create holes that will expand and lead to a complete roof replacement.

Prolonged Sunshine

Shingles can crack and become brittle due to the sun and it’s UV rays.