Winter Weather Tip: How To De-Ice Your Roof

With winter weather rolling into the region ice will begin to form on your roof as icicles, ice dams, or frozen gutters and downspouts. Removal of such ice can prevent your roof from leakage, water stains, damaged roof shingles, structural damage, and unwanted plant growth such as moss.

If ice is forming on your roof this can be a sign of poor attic insulation and a lack of roof insulation. It is important to remove all ice in a safe manner in order to protect yourself and your roof. Here are three ways you can remove ice without causing unnecessary damage.

  • Use A Snow Rake: Scrape snowfall off of your roof in order to prevent ice from forming. Do not use any tools that could cut into your shingles and create a larger problem.
  • De-Icing Chemicals: Purchase a chemical such as calcium chloride to melt ice buildup on your roof. Be sure to not use sodium chloride or rock salt to melt ice on your roof as they can lead to corrosion.
  • Heated Cable: Install heated cable on your roof before a big snowfall to melt any masses that may form. Double-check that the heated cable is waterproof and intended for outdoor use prior to installing.